Social Responsibility

While carrying out a scientific development approach to achieve better and faster growth of business, China Life integrates economic returns with social benefits and fully undertakes industrial and social responsibility and therefore, contributes to the construction of a harmonious society.


To fully realize the insurance function, China Life takes an active part in the underwriting of major insurance cases and conducts timely claim settlement, which promotes the economic development and social harmony. In 2008, it paid a benefit of 94.898 billion RMB yuan.


China Life actively involves in the construction of socialist new villages by providing insurance service in the countryside. It takes the initiative to participate in the pilot project of New Village Cooperative Medical Scheme, which relieves the worries of farmers for medical treatment and old-age support. It has won full recognition of the government and the regulatory commission as well.


Leveraging on its most extensive distribution network and a large scale of sales force, China Life continuously expands the insurance coverage and has made great contributions to the improvement of social security.


As a leading insurance institutional investor that enjoys capital advantage, China Life fully supports financial reform and SOE restructuring and listing, thus promoting the smooth development of the capital market and the construction of the national economy.


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